Early Celebrations!

Hey there,

Can I say that I am so excited right now because it’s my birthday! I stayed up until 12:00 am on the 18th to have an early celebration by myself and decided to post a blog!

Do you remember when you were little and you used to get so excited about your Birthday presents?

Well I know that when I was little, my happiness level would go up a knotch every time I opened a present!

Lately (as I’ve been getting older) I realised that I actually enjoy my birthday more when I spend it with the people who I love, doing the things I like and just having fun!

Its not always going to be the bought gift that you receive on your special day that makes you at your happiest, it’s the love you receive.

This probably sounds really cheesy but it’s true.

Anyways, what are the things you like to do on your birthday? I’d love to know so comment below x


Aussie Girl x


Fresh Start!

Hi Guys! (if anyone’s reading) I am so excited to publish my very first blog post!

I have always wanted to start a blog, but the thought has always been in the back of my mind. Now I’ve started a blog, I can’t wait to post on it!

Why a blog you may ask?

Well I fell as if I don’t have enough courage to speak up to people about how I am feeling, and I often feel as if I’m living the shadow of my friends. With a blog I think I will be able to get these feelings out without worrying about anyone judging me!

This blog will be anonymous because I think I’ll write more willingly with a pseudonym to hide behind.

I also love drawing and taking photos so I’ll be posting heaps of those soon!


Aussie Girl x